At S&A Flooring LLC, we offer professional thinset removal service to our business and home clients. We have an expert crew who is equipped with advanced tool and equipment. They have experience of handling different kinds of flooring, that’s why they are better able to complete their job in a timeline provided by you.

What is Thinset?

Thinset is an adhesive material used to attach a tile or stone with a surface (cement or concrete). This material is made of cement, fine sand and a water retaining agent. It is important to remove this material first before installing new tiles. If it is not removed properly, then it is simply impossible to install new tiles as they won’t stick with surface properly.  Our skilled crew knows how to remove this adhesive material and also to offer you a plain concrete floor which is ready for next tile installation.

Why is Thinset Removal required?

In floor demolition project, it is quite essential to get rid of this set. If you don’t remove this material, then you get uneven slab which is not ready for the next flooring installation. It is possible to use DIY approach for floor removal but problem is that when you do this job then you don’t know how to make your subfloor clear and damaged free. You can use a hammer to crack the thinset and then chisel away slowly until all the material crumbles apart.

Our Service Benefits

Here are some benefits you can enjoy when you avail thinset removal service of S&A Flooring LLC

No Repair Cost

You can use a DIY method to get rid of thinset. But if you use a hammer in the wrong manner then it is possible that you damage the subfloor. Damaging subfloor means spending money on the repair of the floor. However, when you hire our professional crew then you don’t have to face any such expense. They know how to perform this job with care. They will remove the thinset in a way that there is no damage to the subfloor.

Removal on time

When you remove thinset own your own, then you need days or weeks to complete this job. But our professional crew has advanced tools with which they can remove the thinset in a matter of hours. So, you don’t have to wait for a long time. They will complete a job in one or two days for residential customers. As far as business customers are concerned, they can avail this service and get the job done within a week or two. You can get back to your routine as quickly as you want when you hire our professional crew.

Dust-free removal

We proudly offer dust-free thinset removal service which is far better than the traditional approach. But if you use a hammer in the wrong manner then it is possible that you damage the subfloor. Damaging subfloor means spending money on the repair of the floor.
When our crew removes the thinset, they clear up space from dust and other waste. Dust never spread in the air, Actually, industrial level vacuums are used to get rid of demolition dust.

Affordable package

When you sign up for Thinset removal service then you get a complete package which includes thinset removal, dust-free environment, clean subfloor and waste disposal. Unlike other service providers which require you to rent a dumpster. No hidden fee is involved in the whole process. You need to pay us once and we will rent our own dumpsters to take care of this process waste.
Don’t wait anymore. Make a call and let our crew visit your space and offer you the cost and time estimate.