Stone tiles are used both indoor and outdoor just to create offer the environment an aesthetic touch and appeal. People prefer this kind of tile for outdoor and indoor flooring because it is highly durable and can withstand rough environment. This floor covering is very strong and it is quite difficult to remove it from the surface unless you have special tools and equipment.

Why to Remove Stone tiles?

Although stone tile is very strong but with the passage of time, you start noticing cracks and voids on it. Even color fades with time or it’s just out of style. Therefore, it becomes important to think about renovation and start searching for stone tile removal service providers.

How we remove Stone floor tiles?

We offer efficient and quick Stone tile removal service for home and commercial buildings. Stone tiles are very strong and durable. When it comes to removal of stone tiles, you need to get help from the experienced crew who are equipped with advanced machinery, tools, and skills.  Our team S&A FLOOR REMOVAL LLC will be able to remove stone flooring from both home and commercial spaces in a given time frame with great speed and without creating any kind of the mess. They will remove heavy stones from the space without causing any damage to surrounding goods and people. They would leave you with the plain concrete floor where you can install a new beautiful floor covering of your choice.

Complete Stone Tile Removal Process.

Here are few steps which we take to get rid of stone tile floor.
Our expert crew will visit you and check your area. They will give you a time and cost estimate. If you have some questions, they will address them all. We make sure you understand the process and the steps we take by showing you videos and pictures of previous jobs.
Our team will cover all the surrounding furniture, cabinets, wall art, etc. with plastic covers. The main purpose is to avoid any possible damage to your precious items. We don’t take any risks.
Removal and Cleaning
We will start breaking the stone from the floor. Vacuums and dust collectors will beattachedto the removal equipment and it will suck up all the dust before it gets airborne. No dust particle will end up in the air and this is how we offer you the most efficient Dust-Free Floor removal service.
Mortar Removal
Once all stone tiles are removed, we start removing the solid mortar from the surface. Thus, we leave behind clear slab upon which you can install other tiles easily.
Trash Removal
You don’t have to rent dumpsters when you hire our crew to do tile removal job. We will handle all the trash and waste material and leave you with clear surface with which you can kick start your renovation task.