At S&A FLOOR REMOVAL LLC we use advanced machinery that removes floor coverings of any kind from concrete surfaces while leaving no trace of dust behind. The chipping, scraping and grinding process of floor removal creates very dangerous dust that contains silica particles that comes out from the tile, stone, thinset and mortar materials. Our removal process is based on advanced vacuum system dust collectors and water to keep your home or business air 99.3% dust free.As the floor is being removed, dust is vacuumed instantly so it never spreads around. Therefore, the environment of your home and commercial area remains clean and dust free.

Stone Tile Removal

Stone tiles are used both indoor and outdoor just to create offer the environment an aesthetic touch and appeal. People prefer this kind of tile for outdoor and indoor flooring because it is highly durable and can withstand rough environment. This floor covering is very strong and it is quite difficult to remove it from the surface unless you have special tools and equipment.

Ceramic Tile Removal

At S&A FLOORING LLC, we assure our clients that they will get dust-free Ceramic tile removal services from an expert crew. Ceramic tiles often have to be replaced with new and better tiles since their color fade away and cracks are common. No matter what is the cause behind ceramic tile removal, we are here to help you out in the complete process from removal of tiles to leaving a smooth and clean subfloor.

Home Floor Removal

Planning of home floor renovation? An integral step of this planning is getting rid of damaged and dated flooring. You can try three options for this purpose: Traditional removal, Dust-Free Removal, and DIY. Let’s know more about these options and then pick the best one for residential floor removal.

Commercial Floor Removal

Thinking about commercial building floor renovation? The biggest task to handle is to keep the work running while removing the floor. Let us handle this messy and difficult task for you. We will remove the floor of your commercial buildings while you and your employees can focus on your routine work.