Traditional , DIY or Dust-Free

Planning of home floor renovation? An integral step of this planning is getting rid of damaged and dated flooring. You can try three options for this purpose: Traditional removal,  Dust-Free Removal, and DIY. Let’s know more about these options and then pick the best one for residential floor removal.

Traditional floor Removal service

If you hire traditional floor removal service providers then they will definitely do their job and remove the old flooring. But this option involves a lot of mess and dust which is simply unavoidable. They might cover your furniture and other things with plastic covers but they won’t be able to protect your home environment from the harmful chemicals of this process. Actually dust from demolition crystalline silica particles. When these particles spread in the air and you or your pet breath in then these particles become the main cause of lung disease. In simple words, these particles are health hazardous. You should know what main benefits you will get from this kind of service.


  • Cheap service
  • Property protection


  • High health risk
  • You need to rent dumpsters
  • Time-Consuming because the old equipment is used

Dust-Free Home floor removal

We at S&A Flooring LLC has the skilled and efficient crew. They are ready to serve the residential client with the best in class dust-free floor removal service. They remove the floor tiles in a way that your subfloor surface remains intact. In addition, they also get rid of the adhesive flooring material named as thinset and leave behind clear slab ready for further floor installation. The dust from the whole process will be vacuumed via industrial vacuum used by our crew. They suck up all the dust from the floor demolition process and leave no dust trace behind in the environment or in the air. You environment remains clean and healthy.  Since they used advanced tools and equipment, therefore they complete their residential floor removal job in one or two days.


  • Convenient service
  • Time saving
  • Money Saving
  • Cost-effective service
  • Dust-free removal
  • Environment friendly service
  • No more hassle
  • No more cleaning
  • Dumpsters will be rented by our Crew


  • You need to spend time in hiring a professional team for this job.

DIY Residential Floor removal

Some homeowners decided to perform floor removal job own their own. But this process is not as simple as you think. First you need to research how to do this job and then you require lot of energy to remove your floor tiles with hand and tools. It is a tedious task which needs high energy from your side. You have to spend money on tool and equipment shopping. In addition, you have to rent separate space and dumpster for waste disposal. Another shortcoming is that you can expose yourself and your environment to the dust of this demolition process. It is possible that you will face some health issue due to this DIY approach.


  • Money Saving
  • Creative and self-learning task


  • Time and energy required
  • Tools and equipment are needed to the job
  • Good research has to be done before starting the job
  • Inconvenient and tedious task
  • High health risk due to dust exposure.

Final Words:

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of three different home floor removal options. No doubt, hiring a professional crew (that offers the ultimate dust-free floor removal service) is simply the best option you can avail ;when you make a comparison of all three options. What do you think?