At S&A FLOOR REMOVAL LLC we use advanced machinery that removes floor coverings of any kind from concrete surfaces while leaving no trace of dust behind. The chipping, scraping and grinding process of floor removal creates very dangerous dust that contains silica particles that comes out from the tile, stone, thinset and mortar materials. Our removal process is based on advanced vacuum system dust collectors and water to keep your home or business air 99.3% dust free.As the floor is being removed, dust is vacuumed instantly so it never spreads around. Therefore, the environment of your home and commercial area remains clean and dust free. No hazardous materials or chemicals are released in the environment due to our advanced equipment and certified Dust-control floor removal service.

Understanding Our Floor Removal Process

Here are six steps which we take to ensure an efficient flooring removal for our customers.

Step No. 1 Consultation

Via e-mail or by calling us,we can set up an appointment and one of our experts will visit you and assess your floor. Based on the area and conditions, we will give you an honest time and cost estimate. Once agreed, we sent our experienced crew to your site. We can remove up to 2500 square feet of flooring per day. Our removal crews workquickly and efficiently. Depending on your area, furniture, type of floor covering being removed, the time required to complete the job will vary.

Step No.2 Preparation

Before we start removing your floors, we cover all the furniture items, AC ,cabinets, mirrors and other things in the room with plastic. This is for the ultimate safety of your property and to avoid damages.Although dust won’t spread in the environment due to our dust-free removal service, yet we take this step just to provide full protection to your belongings and property.

Step No.3 Kickstart

Our crew uses state-of-the-art equipments such as jackhammers, scrapers to pull the flooring off the surface and heavy-duty floor grinders. The powerful vacuum system is attached with the equipment, so the dust that comes out from the chipping and scrapingstays inside the vacuum. Therefore, dust doesn’t spread into the air and inside any surrounding space.

Step No.4 Thinsetand Glue Removal

Grinders are used to remove the thinset from ceramics and glue from wood flooring, which is a layer of adhesive beneath the floor surface. The main purpose is to offer you a smooth and clear slab. It is important to remove thinset before installing new tiles on the floor. You don’t have to call other floor removal service providers, since we will do the complete job for you.

Step No.5 Hauling and Cleaning

Hauling all de debris is the essential step in the floor removal process.You don’t have to haul the residue. We will do this job for you. We will never place dumpsters on your drive way.  Our crew will haul and remove all the material and waste on the same day in our dump trucks. They won’t leave any trace of this task behind. In addition, you don’t have to incur removal fees because we will clear all the mess. We make sure that you get the most convenient floor tile removal services from our side all the time.

Step No.6 Wrap up

At S&A FLOORREMOVAL LLC, we offer top class floor removal services to our residential and commercial clients. We make sure that you get safe and smooth service from us. We will complete your project in the given time frame and with great speed. Our goal is to leave you behind with a clear and clean foundation which you can use easily for your next floor installation.