Thinking about commercial building floor renovation? The biggest task to handle is to keep the work running while removing the floor. Let us handle this messy and difficult task for you. We will remove the floor of your commercial buildings while you and your employees can focus on your routine work. You don’t have to rent another office or space during floor renovation process at all. Since we will remove floor quickly and clean the surface like there was nothing before there.

Who are our Business Clients?

We have been serving a wide variety of Florida business customers. We offer our services to schools, restaurants, retail stores, college, universities, wholesale market, superstores, spas and any other commercial building which requires dust-free floor removal service.

What benefits You will Get?

Here are some benefits you can enjoy when you sign up for our commercial floor removal services.

Time and Money Saving

You can save your time and money by giving the contract of commercial and industrial floor removal to our efficient team. They are equipped with advanced tools and equipment. They know how to complete this job in the given time frame. We know the value of your time, therefore we make it sure that work is completed before the deadline. So, you can easily complete the renovation and keep your business running.
Our crew does not only remove the floor but also any kind of adhesive material which previous floor installer used.  They make sure that subfloor surface remains intact and ready for next installation. There are some service providers that remove the tile randomly and without much care. Therefore, you may have to spend money on floor repair as well. However, if you hire our skilled crew then you don’t have to incur any such expenses.

Dust-Free Floor removal

We are offering the top class dust-free floor removal service to our business clients. You don’t have to worry that dust will spread in the environment. Our industrial vacuum is well designed. They absorb all the dust in a way that no single particle of dust finds a way to the air. In simple words, the whole environment will remain safe from the harmful dust particles and material.

No more hassle

We guarantee you that you don’t have to face any more hassle after we complete our job. Unlike another service provider which leave the floor with thinset and other chemical compounds, our crew offers different service. They make sure that your floor is ready for the next floor installation. In addition, they take good care of all the material and waste. They hire dumpsters to dispose of all the waste.  No need to spend money on renting a dumpster and separate space for waste.
Are you ready to avail our top-class Dust-free Commercial floor removal service that is hassle-free and very cost-effective? We are sure you would make a call to us.