Are you planning on replacing your old ceramic floor tiles with new beautiful wood or porcelain tile floors? You surely need to remove your ceramic tile first before you can install your new floors. You have two main options for tile removal. First is to try the DIY approach and second is to hire experts to do the job. Let’s evaluate both options.

DIY Tile Removal

You are able to remove ceramic tiles by hands and some tools but this option has some shortcomings which you should know.
Tedious Task: It might seem interesting to remove your floor tiles on your own, but you will feel tired after five to ten minutes. The reason is that removing tiles by your hand means using your force and energy. You might not be the right fit for this job.
Messy job: When you start removing tiles, you notice that the whole room getting messed up. The dust and material of tile will be spread around the room. Dust particles will spread in the air and you might feel it hard to breathe properly. This dust and material that come out from the floor surface is hazardous and contains SILICA the chemical compound. In simple words, you put your health at risk when you opt for DIY Ceramic tile removal task.

Expert Tile Removal Service

On the other hand, when you hire experienced and skilled staff to do the job then you don’t have to worry about the mess and dust.

Our Ceramic Tile Removal Service

At S&A FLOORING LLC, we assure our clients that they will get dust-free Ceramic tile removal services from an expert crew. Ceramic tiles often have to be replaced with new and better tiles since their color fade away and cracks are common. No matter what is the cause behind ceramic tile removal, we are here to help you out in the complete process from removal of tiles to leaving a smooth and clean subfloor. Unlike other service providers who just break the top layer of flooring and leave you with glue and thinset while spreading dust all over the place, our efficient team will make sure we leave you a flat slab ready for your new floors while keeping your home or office air 99.3% dust free. Actually, they are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and tools which let them remove ceramic tiles quickly and neatly (tile dust won’t spread in the surrounding areas at all).
Dust-Free removal: Our crew comes with dust collectors and vacuum systemsto ensure a dust free enviroment. No dust from the floor will become a part of your home and office air. The whole process of tile removal is 99.3% dust-free. Therefore, you would be sure that you are taking the breath in a safeenvironment.
Speed: Our expert crew will remove up to 2000 square feet in a day, depending on job conditions such as furniture, type of thinset used on the installation, access to removal area etc.  Only a team can handle this tedious task of removal and cleaning, it is not aoneperson job.
No mess: We dispose of all the material and waste, you don’t have to worry about clean up. No dumpsters will be placed on your driveway, we use our own Dump Trucks to get rid of all the debris from the jobsite.